Monday, July 30, 2012

How to avoid HigherOne and it's hungry hungry hands.

Keep your hands off my money!

Right now, everyone and their mama is upset at the recent changes to Fresno State's financial aid disbursement method.  They have decided to forgo the student portion of their mission statement, and chose a private third party bank.  It "saves" the school money, but the HigherOne makes money off student fees that they impose.  Also, when purchasing stuff with the card, they track what you buy and sell off that information to advertising and marketing firms.  Sounds shady doesn't it?  Well, I bet someone higher up in the Fresno State chain is getting a bonus.

I figured out how to avoid the HigherOne card.  It's actually rather easy, but here are the steps for you.

This is what they (Our Accounting Department) gave me when I went on my fact finding mission.  It says that you can choose 2 options.  Deposit your money to another account, or to get a paper check.  The top ones are not really an option.

After you go to and push the "Get Started Button" it will request for your card number.

After you have selected your card number, it'll ask you for some information.  Such as, the security code (3 digit number on the back of your card) and your Date of Birth in MM/DD format followed by the last 5 digits of your school ID number.  Also, they want your email.

One done with the previous set, it'll send you to this page.  Select one of the two on the right.  It will then lead you to other pages.  Just fill out your information accordingly.

In addition, there is no confirmed date about disbursement dates on Financial Aid. The front desk at financial aid said it was the week before school starts which means that those of US who signed up for direct deposit or paper check will be getting their money the week of school or the week after school starts.

I went down to the accounting office and rumor has it that disbursement is this week or next week.

I asked how loans would be disbursed, but they (Accounting) couldn't give me any information and told me to go back financial aid. I will do that another day.

And there you have it.  You will no longer face the wrath of corporate greed towards your State Grants and Federal Financial Aid.  I have not inquired about loans, I will do that another day.  So stay tuned and don't touch that dial!